Welcome to my little blog! Here I am in my sewing room, I hope you'll stay a while and see what there is to see.

Works in Progress

Sometimes you get a whole lot finished, sometimes you don't! My mother came and visited this past week, and even though I have not really totally finished anything, I've made lots of progress on a lot  of different projects.  Mom and I had tons if fun too!

On Wednesday I drove four hours from my house to Haley's, and spent the night. We mostly hung out, went to Hobby Lobby (I finally got drawer knobs for my Annie Sloan chalk paint dresser!) and chatted and I got to see her amazing garage full of new furniture to paint or refinish for people! She really is great at what she does! On Thursday I got up and got ready and hung out for a bit, then off to the airport! I talked Haley into letting me finish the binding on one of her quilts too, so I would have some hand stitching to keep me busy that weekend. I grabbed my mother and we drove directly to Sierra Vista, another hour and a half or so. We spent the weekend with her parents, my grandparents, and had so much fun.

Grandpa covering up the pie on his shirt

Grandma's Polish crockery

We ate and chatted and ate some more. We did Olive Garden and watched Doc Martin and I sewed the binding and even played with my grandmother's machine some. I went to a fabric store too, I couldn't resist! On Sunday, we went to church and right after we ate, packed up and headed back to Yuma, which my phone says is 5 hours, or 311 miles away. We didn't run out of conversation though, we never do! We spent Monday through Wednesday in Yuma doing little bits of everything! We shopped a little, I finished one of my nautical quilt tops, showed mom how to use the Silhouette Cameo, made dinners for the lovely husband, and I showed her how to paper piece.

Silly Harry Potter thing with the Cameo

Paper pieced from Don't Call Me Betsy

I don't think she gets it yet, which is my fault because I am a garbage teacher. It just feels weird trying to teach my mother anything, when she taught me everything! We went and watched Man of Steel which all three of us liked. I think we ate a gallon of salsa to round off the trip too! Mom made a decorative patriotic pillow case out of an extra quilt block I had laying around, which was a win-win! I got rid of junk and she got a new treasure! I showed her my stack of quilts and she was impressed at my ability to start new projects while I still have others going on. I just usually have to put my personal projects to the side while I work on orders though, and I have three of those at the moment! Not complaining though, I love getting to stay home and quilt! So on Wednesday I took mother back to Tucson/Vail/Corona, and we stayed with Haley. Mom had never seen her cute house and wanted to see the bambinos! It was fun to hang out and chat with mom, Haley, and Devin while the twins and baby were being cute and crazy! Then, feeling quite depressed, I dumped my mother at the airport so she could go on to Washington to see two of her sisters and some nieces and nephews. They had fun picking strawberries and making gobs of treats. I didn't feel like driving back to Yuma so I went back to Haley's house and we stripped furniture in her garage all day! Well... Not all day! We took a break to go borrow the Explorer and trailer from our in-laws and go buy more furniture! Haley will actually get to keep this set for her home, so it was even better. Her husband was a good sport too and helped by driving and loading. Now that garage really is overflowing with goodies to look forward to! I'm getting in on the action and am buying an awesome dresser/hutchy thing that will be a color you all haven't seen yet!! So I had an amazing week and now it's Monday all over again and I'm subbing at the bakery for two weeks until I go to Tennessee myself. So... That means I need to have three quilts totally finished in two weeks, quilted, bound, tagged, photographed, and shipped! I'm starting to FREAK OUT a little. So here are some photos of my works in progress, enjoy the crazy spread and hopefully I can share some finishes with you all soon!


My new Hobby Lobby knobbies!
I don't think this quilt will ever just kindly finish itself!
Finished the quilting on one of the nautical quilts, now to bind it and finish the second one!


Chippy Barn Hutch

Homemade Soaps and Such!