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Valentines Heart Quilt

Valentines Heart Quilt

Happy (almost) Valentine's Day! This quilt has been on the back burner for a while, but I did manage to finish in time. Phew.

VDAY Quilt001.jpg

I used the pattern Where Love is from Woodberry Way. I backed it in pink minky because I love to be under heavy, snuggly things! My girls do too! I could barely keep them off of it long enough to take a couple of quick pictures.

VDAY Quilt002.jpg


So now, I have a Halloween quilt, a Christmas Quilt, and a Valentines Day Quilt. I wonder what's next...

VDAY Quilt003.jpg

I used fabrics from my stash for the pinks and reds because sometimes it's nice to whittle down the ole stash! This one didn't need huge quantities either, so it was perfect! I made a pillow to go with this too, but haven't sewn the back on. Maybe by next year. Right now I'm in a funk of not wanting to sew, but I have accepted too many orders NOT to sew! I like how this turned out though, and I like having holiday quilts!

VDAY Quilt004.jpg

I didn't have enough energy to tape this one to the wall today, so I asked my husband to hold it up for a full quilt shot. 

VDAY Quilt005.jpg


Dresden Irish Chain Quilt

Dresden Irish Chain Quilt