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Valentine's Day Wreath

A few weeks back me and several of my awesome mom friends all got together (without our kids!) and made some Valentine's Day wreaths!! I am so lucky to have such an awesome group of ladies who I live near and attend church with to not only get together for play dates but also have some fun "kid-less" time. There are even several moms who also have twins and totally understand what its like to be a mom of crazy twin toddlers!! Its always a good time when we get together! They are all so creative and talented & it was fun to see how everyone's wreaths turned out so different and beautiful!

I used an old wreath that I had previously had all wrapped up for Christmas and wrapped it in burlap strips. Then I a used a bunch of felt and a hot glue gun to make the flowers! They were seriously the easiest flowers to make! I have had much less success with felt and flower making in the past and these were quick and easy! I promise you flower making is NOT on my list of talents so if I can make these any one can!!

I it was fun project and its the only Valentines decorating that I have gotten around to this year and who doesn't like a nice pink wreath on their door? I know I certainly do!
I made the banner with burlap and felt triangles and just used some craft paint to paint on the letters!

here is a tutorial on how to make the flowers if any one wants to make their own! 

Happy Thursday everyone!!

-and still no puppies... maybe tomorrow?!! who knows!


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