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Useful Quilting & Sewing Tools - A LIST!

Useful Quilting & Sewing Tools - A LIST!


If you are like me, you want the practical and most useful quilting & sewing tools out there, but don't want to spend an arm and a leg, sell your children, and live in a box. Here is my list of the most helpful things that I have found as a basic sewer and a quilter. Some things, like the rotary cutter and mat, I don't know how people do without them! I guess you can make things work out of necessity, but these things sure make life easier!


  • Rotary Cutter- There are all sorts, and different sized blades. I'd go with a 45mm blade, they are not too big, not too small, they are just right! There are different sorts of handle grips, but I haven't had trouble with any kind in particular!


  •  Cutting Mat- This Olfa mat is my favorite one and the best at "self-healing" in my opinion. Getting a mat was a game changer for me!


  • Quilting Ruler- These rulers are so great! You use them along with the rotary cutter and mat to cut a perfect line/strip of fabric. So much easier than using scissors! I like this one in particular because it has a little lip on the end that kinda hooks onto your cutting mat for stability.


  • Frixion Erasable Pens- These are used by quilters to mark quilting or cutting lines on fabric. Then, when you are finished, just use a hot iron and the ink disappears! So handy! I have gone through a few packs of these, and haven't found a better option.


  • Needles- These are needles for hand sewing. I use them to attach my binding to the opposite side of the quilt, and I'm partial to this brand.


  • Sewing Machine- You can piece quilt tops with the most basic machine. I like the brand Janome and the Bernina brand. If you are planning on quilting a larger quilt by yourself, I have my eye on the Janome 8900 QCP!


  • Extra bobbins- So useful to have one of these for each color thread, you don't want to have to unwind other colors to fill with the color you need!


  • Clover clips- These are wonderful little clips to keep binding in place while you sew it on, to keep hexies on cardboard, or to keep bulky seams together while sewing.


  • Basting/Safety Pins- These are great for when you are prepping layers to quilt, for holding larger projects together, and other things I can't think of right now!


  • Good Scissors- A pair of good fabric scissors is a huge plus. Any time you have odd shapes or curves, you need scissors instead of a rotary cutter.


  • Straight Pins- A must for matching seams in a pieced top. Pinning pieces together make things line up better.


  • Thread Snips- These are great to have at your machine to trim any little threads. Lots of sewing machines have a built in thread cutter, but I am so used to clipping my threads now that I prefer little scissors.



  • Seam Ripper- I wish that I could say I never needed to rip out mistake stitches, but alas, I am human. I have used this baby more than I care to admit.


  • Iron- Every time you sew a seam, that seam needs to be ironed. I have gone through a few irons in my 5 years of quilting, but I like the T-fal one pretty good!


That does it for my roundup of most useful quilting & sewing tools! Hope this helps anyone who is looking for a place to start! I have added affiliate links to make finding these products easier! I am not paid by Amazon to do this, but may get a small commission if you purchase through a link I share here.

Here is a pinnable image, of my useful sewing & quilting tools- thanks for looking!

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