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Triangle Baby Quilt

Triangle Baby Quilt

A triangle baby quilt doesn't sound very daunting, but in the eight years I've been quilting, I've never done anything with triangles really! Why?! Angles. That's why probably. 


Luckily, all the hardness of such a thing was taken out of the equation for my by Kate over at See Kate Sew. She shared a quilt tutorial and a new template that allows for perfect points, and that makes me very happy!


The person I was making this for wanted it as close to the original as I could get it, so I did my best matching fabrics and such. I really like how it turned out! Now I want a triangle quilt for my bed, but there would be a million triangles in a queen sized beast like this! Maybe in my next life I'll have time for that. 


This quilt made my twins really happy too and they *may* have tried to steal it from me before I got it all shipped out. Luckily I still have a baby gate on my sewing room, even though they are four. I know how they roll, and this baby gate is a life saver! 


I will probably never get sick of black and white striped binding, and this was a perfect opportunity to use more of it. It seems to match ALL THE QUILTS! Anyway, this little baby quilt made me happy, and hopefully it makes the  mamma happy too.


Modern Boy Quilt

Modern Boy Quilt