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The Magnolia MMMP Dresser

Good Afternoon!

So when I originally set out to attend this market I had no intentions of painting any furniture.. I have quite a few pieces sitting in my garage but I just couldn't bring my self to paint anything after my painting marathon this summer where I was painting multiple pieces each week. I was burnt out and just wanted to wait until after Christmas before I tackled the rest of my stash. I however had a change of heart knowing that this is really my niche and all though I love signs Furniture is really my thing. I think this market will be a great opportunity to show case some of my work to the public. There is only so much you get out of a picture, seeing something in person is a whole different story. So I did it I picked up my brush and painted this gorgeous dresser that had been sitting collecting dust since June! The color is a really random mixture of MMSMP colors including a bit of Grain Sack, Shutter Gray and Ironstone. I didn't feel like I had enough of any color to be able to complete the dresser and the large mirror so I just mixed up this concoction and ended up with a really light true gray. It would be perfect for so many things. It is another vintage piece that is about 50 years old. it is in mint condition minus a little ding on the top that really just ads to the character. The dove tail drawers are smooth as butter and everything is in working order. The castor feet are just the icing on the cake! I will be bringing this set with me to the market so if you would like to see it in person and perhaps take it home please come out tomorrow and take a look along with several other pieces and signs I will also be selling! That does it for today I hope you love what I have dubbed the Magnolia Dresser. She is beautiful!


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