Welcome to my little blog! Here I am in my sewing room, I hope you'll stay a while and see what there is to see.

The Evolution of a Home

I don't know about you guys, but my house and decor is always changing I usually have a moment every couple of months where I just start moving things around and pulling things out of old boxes and re-using old decor. This is probably why I don't throw old decor away because I never know when I'm going to "re-love" something. Any who, after purchasing our king bed,we were left with an extra queen bed. My family all recently deserted me and moved to Washington state. (I'm not bitter or anything...) and I wanted to have some sort of guest room for them when and if they ever decided to come visit me! So we decided to move our old bed into Scarlett's room. This means I had to change a few things up! I will be making some new decorative pillows for her bed eventually but for picture purposes I used the ones I made this past weekend. Scarlett's room is pretty dang small so everything kind of looks crammed in there but oh well it will do! It's not like she sleeps in there any way.... Yes she is still in my room in a porta crib I just can't transition her yet! She's much too cute ! So here are some updated pictures of her room that is all beautiful and pretty for when ever she does move in!

Silhouette Cameo

Chloe's Quilt