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The Caroline Dresser

Hello all! Today I am back with a new furniture makeover. This dresser I completed many weeks back and just haven't gotten any decent pictures until today. This came in a set along with Winston and is 70+ years old. I loved this whole set so much and almost wished I had just kept them all! I still have a matching night stand and mirror waiting to be painted and I haven't quite decided if I will sell or keep either of those. But I knew right off the bat that this lady would be staying with me!

I painted this dresser for my boys. I have kind of a predicament when it comes to their room because they are so destructive. I am afraid to put anything in there room for fear that it will soon be destroyed! After they disassembled the dresser we purchased from Wal-Mart less than 2 years after we bought it, I needed some place to house all of their clothing. Hanging them in the closet is also not an option because they pull everything down during nap time. Their room is located upstairs and there is a small hall space right out side of their room and I have been wanting to put some piece of furniture in this space. So when I bought this set I immediately ran upstairs and took some measurements and was elated when and it was the perfect dimensions for the space. It is a WIN WIN The boys get a beautiful solid dresser that will last a life time, and it is not in their room for them to destroy. With the added bonus that every time I go upstairs I get to admire its beauty. Eventually I will hang something on the wall above it and decorate the whole little hall space but for now you just get to see how Miss Caroline looks in her new home.

I made her over by painting her with 3 coats of MMSMP in the color Linen. The color was pretty opaque especially by Milk Paint standards and really gave some great coverage. I did not use any bonding agent and got some beautiful chipping on the top and on some of the detailed pieces. I distressed her once all the paint had dried and applied the clear furniture wax to finish her off. It is just one of those pieces that will look better the more it wears. It has three drawers and they are very sturdy and HUGE! I can fit both of my twin boys clothing in the bottom two drawers with ample room for more. The top drawer is now home to all the dippers. Which at the moment is a ton since my mother-in-law restocked us with two large boxes earlier this week. Man I love that lady! Perhaps some day I wont have three kids in dippers and I can fill it with little boy undies!

I hope you enjoy Miss Caroline


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