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Summery Table Runner

It's summer in Yuma! What better way to get you table ready for summer foods (like watermelon!!!) than a new table runner?! This one is a simple one, made out of 3/4 yard of fabric and sewn together with no measuring and no pinning. Gasp! Don't tell my mother ;)

Anyway, look at the wee little ants! Don't they just remind you of a little picnic around the 4th of July? Not in Arizona maybe because its way too hot for that nonsense, but in other places maybe, like Tennessee, where I will be in July, woohoo! A while ago I got a Janome Quilters Edition that has several cute stitches that I haven't gotten to use yet, so I seized the opportunity to try the heavy border of Xs on this one. I love how simple little designs can make things look so much better!
Now the only problem is that I need to find some good ideas to decorate my table! This just isn't cutting it for me right now!

Since we are on the subject, I've decided to find a few little things to share with you guys to make your 4th parties a little more festive! I hope you go check out these and find something that you like.

Oh Sew Crafty Life has a post showing ten different 4th of July desserts!
Red Bird Banners has a picnic garland/banner that is so cute!
A to Zebra Celebrations shares some 4th of July party ideas. Even one for when you are on a tighter budget!
Want more 4th ideas? Here is a pinterest board with some cute ideas!


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