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Spring Fling Pillow

Just in time for Spring!! In January I signed up for the Lucky Stars block of the month club and this was the first one I got- a practice block- via email. It's fun to have some new little project to look forward to each month! Anyway, the block of the month club is $15 and you can sign up here. That link will take you to the awesome site of Don't Call Me Betsy (which I really like btw). These blocks are all foundation pieced, aka paper pieced, which is one of my favorite ways to make blocks. The lines turn out so sharp and neat that I don't even care that I'm wasting a little bit of fabric! This week has been crazy (I feel like that keeps happening...) and I was lucky to get this awesome block turned into a little pillow for.. something?! I'm still deciding if it will go to Etsy or if I'll use it for some totally different purpose. For now it's going to hang out with the burlap for Porsche's wedding banner, some dogwood, and a little cutsey bird... Or my new embroidery project that you are getting a sneak peek of! I must be in a bird-type mood lately. Here are the pictures, enjoy!


Disney and Fabric too!

A Spring Table