Welcome to my little blog! Here I am in my sewing room, I hope you'll stay a while and see what there is to see.

Some Embroidery

These first two are projects that have been done for quite a while, some of you may have seen them already (before the days of this blog), but I think they are so cheerful that they are worth sharing again. I cannot remember where I got the patterns, but just so you know, I'm definitely not taking credit for that. One, I can NOT draw and two, I love to find things I like and then recreate them in my own way. So these are just a couple of examples. I have done more than these, and one of my favorite pattern people is here: Badbird  Okay, the first one is still sitting where ever I stuffed it to get out of the way for a new project. The second one is currently residing in the Van Buren County High School in the Spanish teacher's classroom. The Spanish teacher named Jan Grissom, who happens to be my mother. Yes, that one! She is a cool lady and makes real sugar skulls with her classes around Dia de los Muertes every year. I thought it was an appropriate and colorful addition to her collection in my own little sew-y way! She liked it (or pretended to) when I gave it to her, so I was happy!
The third one I just finished up. I've had the pattern sitting around for a while and Ive wanted to make it for my sewing room. I just thought it was funny and along the same lines as a "Mom" tattoo, and it made me smile a little.
Lastly, when I was at church, my sweet friend, Elise, slipped me a little bday gift! It was so thoughtful and perfect! I'll include a picture of it too! She made a pincushion stuffed with steel wool (to keep needles sharp), and on an elastic band. It slides onto the arm of my sewing machine and is perfect, I've been using it and LOVE IT! It also has my initial hand-embroidered on the top. Thanks Elise!!!

I love colorful things!


A Surprise for Me + Baby Quilt Sneak Peaks

A Sweet and Simple Baby Quilt