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Silhouette Cameo

Okay everyone, i wrote this yesterday: Today when I was leaving to go to work, running late as usual, I noticed a package outside my back door. And I'll be danged if it wasn't my new Silhouette Cameo! Ahh! Why do I work?! So I can pay for things like the cameo? Oh, okay. So I grudgingly headed off for my part time gig while being excited to come home to a new toy. After work though, I headed to Joann's to pick up some supplies. I went in and got distracted by the scrapbook paper, which, as a quilter, I never need to buy! So I bought a clearance pack, an on sale pack, and some loose sheets that were too cute to resist. I may or may not have also bought a gold holographic page.. Like a magpie, I am attracted to sparkly things! (Don't judge me, lol.) Next, I picked up some Heat N Bond and some sheets of vinyl. Then on to Target because I was on a role, and got a pair of clearance pants, an undershirt, and a cute floral top. Once I start it's hard to slow down. So I took all my good junk home and got to work! Then my gorgeous and amazing husband text messages me and asked me to bring him some dinner (pretty please?!). He NEVER asks me to do that so, like a loving wife I gritted my teeth and made a dang burrito and threw a piece of chocolate cake in a lunch box and headed to the station. Then I hugged him and was like, "Peace out man!" He had to work late so I hopped back on the computer and downloaded some images and stuff to cut to my hearts content!
So now as I sit here, crossing my fingers that my new toy will cut felt, I wanted to write a little post about it! I kept reading about how awesome these machines are and about all the projects you can use them for. After hand cutting all the letters for the Mr. Right & Mrs. Always Right Pillows by hand with freezer paper... I thought I'd try the Cameo. So far, I've cut vinyl, card stock, scrapbook paper, and it's chomping the felt now! I was a little taken aback at first, this is definitely something you have to use the computer A LOT for. I got the pack with the design studio upgrade and I'm still trying to decipher all of the little symbols. However, if you have worked with any kind of manipulative software before, you shouldn't have trouble. I had read before that the sticky pad is much too sticky at first and I definitely found out the hard way (ripping off a tiny Moroccan background was NOT fun). After I finally got all the scraps off, I palmed the whole mat until it wasn't going to trash my lovely paper anymore! Then, I tried a little floral border for my "Hi" card. It worked perfectly! Vinyl words have cut the best so far though. My felt came out... not so great, I have to use scissors to clip around the edges! I'll try again later :) I also just did a little tie and bow-tie to appliqué, they worked brilliantly! Okay, a shout out to Cassie for the great coupon code to use, the email, and supportive texts! Now, off to find something else cut-able!

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