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Scarlett's Rosette Birthday Cakes

Scarlett's Birthday party was last week and we celebrated with lots of friends and family. It was a great birthday and I think she enjoyed herself. My mother always made the best birthday cakes growing up. Not only did they taste amazing, but she let us take orders a few weeks before for "what kind" of birthday cake we wanted, I had elephant cakes, horse cakes, Barbie cakes you name it anything I could think up she would make happen! So I have tried to carry on the same tradition with my kids. At this point they can't exactly tell me what they want so I just get to decide, which I will admit is fun! I posted a picture of Scarlett's cakes on my Instagram and got lots of great feed back so I figured I would go ahead and share it with you all.

I made two 9 inch round strawberry cakes and crumb frosted them. Next, I used this YouTube video to make the rosettes. It  looks a little more complicated than it really is but is actually very easy. It also takes a TON of frosting so make a double batch and then make another...! You can also do lots of fun color combinations! we kept it simple and did cream. I thought about maybe doing pink but I broke my beaters so that didn't happen. But it was perfectly OK I love the way the cream turned out! I made her, her own little mini smash cake as well. She was every bit an elegant little girl and picked at it ever so politely.

Enjoy! -Haley

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