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Samuel's Quilt

My brother Samuel is a Marine Reserve. This Star Quilt has been in the works for quite a while because de is also the only sibling that I have (out of 5) that I haven't yet made a quilt! I heard that he was going to be having a little promotion soon, so I decided to get in gear and finish his quilt! I used solids, in Marine-y colors that he likes. I don't know why, he is red/green color deficient, aka-color blind, and he has a harder time with greens. I wonder how he will see this quilt... Hope he likes it! The pattern is called "No Diamonds in the Sky." Here is a link to the quilt pattern if you are interested! If you are wanting to make a star quilt, there are so many options out there, but I've made this one three times! The only think I would change about the pattern is to add in some trimming instructions. Once you finish all the blocks, they aren't perfectly even, and definitely can use a trim, so instructions about what size to trim would be helpful!

Quilting by Tricia Clayton! She is always quick and does such a great job! If you are near Tucson, Arizona, I totally recommend her :)

While this quilt was being quilted, Samuel was in a nasty motorcycle wreck. Once I learned that he was going to be okay, I gathered my girls up to me and squeezed them tight. Then I bound this with even more love than usual. It ended up being a get well soon present, and I'm happy to say that he is better now!

Elliot wanted to share some rocks with Uncle Sammy too...


Ps. My mom sent me this picture :)

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Briar Rose Quilt FINISHED!

Briar Rose Quilt FINISHED!