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Roses Roses and More Roses!

 Today I will share some more roses from my collection. I seriously would have 100 bushes if I could. I never really pictured my self to be much of a gardener but I have to say something about roses gets me excited! I tried to get a variety of different colors but was a little overwhelmed by the selection at my local nursery! I think I ended up with a pretty good mixture. Although obviously there are more pinks than anything else. Which is fine by me because pink just so happens to be my favorite color. I only have 3 more bushes to photograph before I have shared the entire lot of 13. All of which are different. I also still have some planting room in my side yard and if I can convince my husband perhaps next summer we will add a few more.

 Roses thrive beautifully in the hot Arizona climate and don't struggle with fungus like they do in more humid climates. The blooms do however get scorched by the direct afternoon sunlight and shrivel so if you can provide them with a few hours of shade they do better. I have yet to have any weird or sick roses and haven't had to deal with trying to treat any of them yet. But I am sure it will probably happen.

 We even managed to bring one bush back from the dead after our Shepard dug it completely out of the ground and stripped the roots. I was pleasantly surprised to see it sprouting some green leafs two weeks ago after I had already wrote it off and was planning on digging it up! It has since made a full recovery and is getting ready to bloom.

I have also added a rose garden tab and will add specific information about each type of rose for anyone interested. That is all for today!


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