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Roses from our garden, Crochet Baby Projects, and a Before Furniture Picture

Good Morning!!

Today I just have a few things to share! First is a baby blanket that I crochet the edges of for a baby shower I recently went to. I did this blanket in the car and consequently my pictures are also while in the car so bare with me and my lame pictures but I think you get the idea! I purchased the blanket and then added the decretive crochet edging. These socks are also lame pictures but these also were part of the gift. I crochet a lattice edge in pink on one pair of baby socks, and crocheted a decretive edge with beads on the purple socks.


These are some pictures fresh from this morning of our new roses!! I am seriously obsessed. It makes my day every morning to go out and see all the new blooms! Our landscapers finished up our yard this Saturday and we could not be more happy! We have about a 12x10 section of just dirt that is not landscaped and of course that is exactly the place the boys gravitate to! But hey they are happy so I can't complain! We currently have 4 rose bushes as well as a climbing rose bush. I knew I loved roses but since our purchase last week I have decided to nix most of the other plants we had decided to plant and plant some more roses instead! Today we will go get some fruit trees, along with the rest of the roses and get some seeds to start our fall garden. After that is all planted you will get to see the whole thing! so for now you will just get a sneak peek of 2 or our rose bushes. The colors for both of these bushes are so beautiful and they vary in color as we you may have notice between yellow and pink and orange and pink. Enjoy and I will catch up again later this week!


 and this is a before of my latest furniture makeovers! I have six of these that will go in my dining room and was able to paint the first coat of paint on them yesterday while my red hutch dried. So be on the look out for the finished product!

A Few of my Favorite Quilty Things

Another Works-in-Progress Day