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Rocking Chair Refinish

So when I was little, I had this little cute rocking chair that was all mine. I loved to sit in it and look at books or whatever it is that little kids do when they actually sit down. My parents got it for me whenI was was like, two (seriously, has it been THAT long). I called my mom to ask and it was when we were living in a tiny trailer while my dad saved up money to buy our land and our house. I was two or three years old. So this little chair is almost 23 years old. Aww! I wonder how many hours I sat sitting in it... When I moved to Arizona I had it shipped because I just couldn't get rid of it. I usually don't like to save things unless they are small, I'm definitely NOT a packrat. Anyway, I've been stripping, sanding, and sanding this little chair (I even used a Dremel to sand in the little cracks). I used a wood conditioner to prep it for stain and then stained it with dark walnut color to give it some new life. In the end, I used a polyurethane to finish it up and seal all the lovely walnuttiness it! Eventually there may be some other tiny kid that loves it, who knows?! For now it's going to hang out and get a little break from being sanded and stained :)


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