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Rachel's Twin Girl Baby Shower

Now that I have shared with you all the little goodies that I made for Rachel's little ladies, today I get to share a few pictures from her shower!

Rachel loves me so much that she married my husbands brother just so that she had a good excuse to move to Arizona and live closer to me;) OK it's just an added bonus that she actually LOVES her husband but I tell you she really uprooted her whole life several years ago for me! So as much as I love having her close to me it means she is FAR from all of her close family and friends back in Tennessee! So we threw her a small but fun little baby shower last weekend! I was seriously impressed with all the goodies and essentials that she was gifted and she is one step closer to being prepared to welcome her two ladies into the world! Not that you can ever fully be ready for such a life change but she at least has some lovely car seats to strap them into to get them home from the hospital! Definitely a start! Although having seen Rachel with my babies and many others I have a feeling she will ease right into motherhood and be someone I am running to for advice in no time!

Sugar Cookies my SIL made she is a fabulous baker! 
 24 Weeks Pregnant with TWIN GIRLS!

Along with some fun baby gifts I made some easy garlands to decorate my Mother-In-Laws house with
 for the party, and I even made another rosette cake similar to the one I made for Scarlett's first birthday but in pink instead of cream! I snapped some photos of the decorations and the food which was so delicious, before all the guests arrived and I even got a few little belly shots of Rachel to prove she is actually pregnant! She looks amazing and I doubt anyone would ever guess she is more than half way done being pregnant with TWINS! She looks as beautiful as ever! I also think it is nice to take a few baby bump photos throughout your pregnancy to appreciate how "small" you once were. Especially when you get to 30+ weeks and you pretty much just want to kill over and DIE! At least that has been my experience!

speaking of being pregnant:
STILL no puppies going on day 62.. what can I say she is good at this being pregnant business so why stop now?!

Ok I'll shut up now! ENJOY!


Twin Girl Nursery Reveal

Valentine's Day Wreath