Welcome to my little blog! Here I am in my sewing room, I hope you'll stay a while and see what there is to see.

Pinwheel Quilt

This quilt has been a work in progress since, um... November! I had a bunch of random pink fabrics left over from a project I was working on before (I'll share it soon). I've never stopped loving pink since I was a little girl and wanted to make something that screamed, "i'm a girly lady!" Let me know if I succeeded! Every other block is plain white with a hand embroidered pinwheel on it. The pieced blocks were so busy that I wanted to offset them with something simple. There are also small green embroidered pinwheels where the lattice work meets. The back is just a pink and white print (it looks funky in the picture, better in person). Now it's all pinned and ready to quilt!

Atticus' quilt