Welcome to my little blog! Here I am in my sewing room, I hope you'll stay a while and see what there is to see.


These are two little onesies that I'll probably be selling on Etsy.. I cut the tie and bow-tie out on leftover fabric I had from my brother Ethan's quilt. I used the silhouette of course and then my awesome Janome to machine appliqué them on! I used heat n bond which would have been fine alone i think, and also put Fray Check around the edges but I felt like they needed something more: hence the blue stitching around the edges. I finally got around to buying onesies to put them on! The baby section is not my usual area! So just in case you haven't noticed, I'm really enjoying my new machines! It's fun to have so many possibilities around. Life has been so busy though, it's hard to find a moment of peace to sew in. I counted and I am currently working on six projects (they are all laid out in various locations around the house). My poor husband is having to step around things on the living room floor, not eat at the dining room table, not use the computer desk, and of course I took over the guest room too. Did I mention that I do, in fact, have an actual sewing room? Yes.. Maybe tomorrow i'll get to transfer some of my project stuff up that way. By up, I mean upstairs. It's so nice to have projects everywhere though, because whenever I go anywhere in my house I can just work on whatever is closer :) Oh, I just found another thing I'm working on. Embroidery, so make that seven projects! Picture time.

A Spring Table