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New Quilt and New Camera

Today I woke and decided it was a good day to start a new quilt. Why I thought this I have no idea because I literally have FOUR other quilts I am working on. No matter, I did it any way!! This quilt is for a little baby girl who hasn't even been born yet! The baby shower is coming up soon so I figured I was justified in starting a new quilt even though I really should finish some of my other projects! I foresee a lot of quilting in my future!

Rachel and I got a large stash of fabric during the Black Friday sales this past year and it has been a great resource for me to choose from! So when I do have days like today where I randomly decide to start something new, I don't have to go to the store and buy anything I can just go pull out all my fabric and pick something out that suits what I am trying to create. If you don't have a stash of fabric currently its really not to hard to start and it doesn't have to break the bank either! I usually do my shopping every two weeks and when I do I make a one stop trip to good old Wal-Mart maybe one day (I can dream right?) when I no longer have to purchase dippers I can venture off into other stores for my groceries. But for now this is what works! Luckily my Wal-Mart carries a fairly good selection of fabric and I always wander through and grab a few fat quarters or I'll just get a yard here and there. Other than that I save my pennies and wait for the Black Friday sales at Joanne's every year and get a huge stash to keep me set for the next year.

Ok sorry for getting off track!! Back to my quilt! I picked some pretty grey and pink fabrics and then went to the trusty McCall website and scrolled through the quilt block patterns until I found one that I liked! The winner today is called "Best of All" and it was indeed best of all, all the quilt blocks I looked at today! Any way I cut all my blocks and have one completed to show you! hopefully I can get some more done tonight when my little terrorists are all asleep in their beds.. here's hoping!

I also got my new camera today! Its so amazing! it's a Cannon Rebel T3. I got it off amazon and it came with a kit that included several different lenses a zoom lens and some other goodies that I cannot wait to get my hands on! I took a few pictures of Scarlett when she got up from her nap today, the photo quality is the bomb!! I also tried a few little editing techniques with my new Adobe Elements software. It's definitely going to take some time to get all this stuff figured out but Its defiantly worth it.

until next time!


Ethan's quilt

Baby Pinwheels Quilt