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So as I typed the title for this post, autocorrect changed "muggles" to "muffles." Seriously, isn't "muggle" a common word now, or have I listened to the Harry Potter audiobooks one time too many? I mean they are brilliantly written and laid out, and then Jim Dale is such a good reader. I've raved about these for YEARS. Basically since my tiny library in Spencer, Tn got them on cassette and I took them home and sat in a chair by my mom's radio/tape deck in the kitchen and listened for hours. I have a thing for British accents, not any one in particular, but I just love listening to them speak "correct" English. I often insert Harry Potter quotes into everyday conversations accidentally, or without thinking now. It's just a way of talking from listening to bloody Ron so many times. The same goes for Nacho Libre.. That's another story though. In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Ron Weasly says, "Don't let the muggles get you down." Pretty inspirational in a world chock full of seriously the muggly-est muggles you ever saw! I have seen this quote in a few places, and knew that I wanted to work it in somewhere in my house. When Haley came, I was scrambling for some art to put on the guest bathroom wall (I don't know why, we are moving soon), and it struck me as the perfect opportunity. Haley is also a Harry Potter fan, so voila! I just had a little work session with my silhouette cameo and BAM, bathroom art. Isn't life grand? Apart from the muggles, that is.

AWESOME Chocolate chip cookies!

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