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Milk Paint Nightstand

Yesterday was a pretty good day! I got lots of painting done and can almost say I have more things that are painted than not in my garage! Good news especially when you have as much crap in there as I do!! I take that back its not crap its treasure and I cannot wait to share it all with you, in due time my friend, in due time. I finally got the chance to finish the second night stand yesterday and the pair is now available for sale.

I think the hardest part about this whole furniture reviving process is that I want to keep everything!!! I do!! its bad! but so far of the 11 pieces yes that's right 11 pieces I have worked on I am only keeping one. Yes, one little dresser guy who I am saving for my little boys. I think that is pretty good!! Especially given my addiction to furniture and all. I worked on him last night and I am always amazed how each piece reacts differently to the milk paint. Even furniture pieces that are from the same set. This is by far the best part about milk paint that its always unique.

I promise I am not getting paid by Miss Mustard Seed to rave about her milk paint and have bought all my milk paint with my own dollars.  I JUST LOVE MILK PAINT!! I have been asked to paint several pieces for other people thus far and from here on out I will no longer be using any other medium. I am sorry, I just cant do it! I have to be honest I really don't get the hype about chalk paint.. chalk paint did not wow me it actually frustrated me and kind of made me want to pull my hair out!! Milk paint distresses on its own, so you don't have to run around with a sander afterwards and try and decide what to distress its already all decided for you! You just get to go in after with your tools and wax products and enhance the areas that are already starting to chip and show through. I finished an AMAZING dresser yesterday that I am DYING to show you but you will have to wait until next week. I used the bonding agent because this dresser was kind of a sophisticated man and he needed a little more of a cultivated finish. So I gave him just that. I think that with the bonding agent the Milk Paint does what the chalk paint does but better.

I heard a rumor that a local shop is considering selling Miss Mustard Seeds products. I for one would be incredibly excited about this. Would you purchase milk paint if it was sold here in town?! I certainly would!

Well now that I have officially talked about milk paint for this entire post GO OUT AND TRY IT!! you will not be disappointed! It is also HALF the price of chalk paint you really can't beat that. Miss Mustard Seed has several video tutorials that have been very helpful in helping me figure out the ins and outs of milk paint so if you aren't sure where to start here is the link!!

I hope everyone is having a lovely Thursday! see you all tomorrow for Pinned it Friday!


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