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Milk Paint Dresser Makeover

Hey All!!!
I spent the better part of my morning hanging out in my garage with Carrie Underwood and Cassidy Pope.. Ok not really but their music did fill my neighborhood as I started working on a new furniture makeover. I can now say that Milk Paint and I have officially made up. After our little tiff this weekend we are now friends again. I know aren't you glad? I sure am!
I will be the first to admit that I have a bit of a control issue.. I may or may not have banned my husband from EVER folding laundry.. I know, how selfish of me to keep it all to myself. But it is true, he isn't allowed to touch it, It pains me to even let him put the detergent in the washer machine. I know its a problem... I will say I have learned to let other little things go you know the way the dish washer is loaded, the way the carpet gets vacuumed, you get the picture I have come a long way! I have really! Unfortunately I can't let go of the laundry thing. But seriously I don't think my husband is in the last bit upset about this little "problem of mine" No I cannot recall him ever saying he wished I would just let him do some laundry. Nope...
 What I am getting at is Milk Paint is BOSSY!! Yes That's right it is very bossy!! It does not let me make the decisions and that freaks me out just a little. The three projects I have tried milk paint on thus far have made me a little more than uncomfortable. But the two successful projects have ended up being better than I could have hoped for. If I had been the boss and told the Milk Paint what was what it wouldn't have turned out as good. Yes Milk Paint you were right, you chipped in all the right places, and crackled way better than I could have ever hoped for. YOU WERE RIGHT OK?!!
Now that we have that all cleared up here is my latest project. and Yes I LOVE milk paint!! It rocks my socks off and it adds so much more dimension to a piece than I could have ever conjured up on my own. Seriously try it out!! I ordered mine online from Reinvented Vintage, they ship super fast and they have wonderful customer service. I have used them a couple times now and am thoroughly impressed! I just ordered some Maison Blanche chalk paint from them and it should arrive tomorrow!  
I found this bad boy on Craigslist. and I didn't prime the dang thing one bit! I just dusted it off and started painting. It is now looking all pretty in the color Grainsack. Which is a white with a bit of gray undertones. I am loving this color! I would say I used about 8 Table Spoons worth of the milk paint powder to finish this entire dresser. It goes a long way which I really love. Especially since it does not start out opaque, you really have to give it a good couple of coats to get the entire thing completely covered. I finished it off by sealing it with the clear wax also from the Miss Mustard Seed line. I opted out of the dark wax on this piece because I think it would have been overkill ya know? I think it is absolutely shabby happy without it! Enjoy!

the furniture for sale tab is now live! check it out if you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces I have re-finished.


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