Welcome to my little blog! Here I am in my sewing room, I hope you'll stay a while and see what there is to see.

Master Bedroom Projects

I am happy to announce that the bed is officially complete unfortunately I have no pretty pictures to show you unless you want some with my adorable sleeping husband in it (he works nights so he keeps the bed occupied during the day) so as soon as I can get some good day time pictures I'm going to have to make you wait! However I have been working on some other details!

I have been wanting to find some sweet shadow boxes for quite some time, to display my children's blessing outfits . I searched all over the Internet for something and everything was over priced and not what I was looking for, which brings me to today!

I am a pretty big home body I am perfectly content to stay home and not go any where most of the time but every couple of weeks I just need to get OUT! Today was one of those days so I loaded up my children and off we went. I had some stuff I actually needed to do but as I was out I decided why not pay a visit to Home Goods! Despite the trip containing to many kids, not enough snacks, a couple fist fights, lots of crying and a lot of me saying no don't touch that...( I should mention Scarlett never made a peep) the trip was worth it, because I found these lovely shadow boxes for $12 a piece! I brought them home and in between three kids who wouldn't take a nap and 5 dipper changes...( I'm ready to stop spending half our grocery money on dippers!!) I was able to get the boys adorable little blessing outfits all pinned in! These will be going in my bedroom next to a big collage of wedding pictures! I also did a little display over my bed last night that I am obsessed with!! Devin.. He isn't so sure but hey I do what I want!!! Ok not really I prefer that he likes our home decor as much as I do. But, if he doesn't I just remind him that he is forcing me to live with his beast Django. End of story! Enjoy!


Ps. Ignore my hand and my five year old purple nail polish.. I just couldn't help myself it was too cute!

And the last picture was also to irresistible not to post

Ok enough blabbering!!!!!!


Silhouette Cameo