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Homemade Soaps and Such!

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to go over to my friend's house and see how she works her soapy magic! I have known for a while that she makes lotions, body butter, lip gloss, roll-on perfume, massage candles, bath bombs, and my favorite, soaps! (Important note: all of the ingredients in these products are natural, like, ya know, no sulfates and all that garbage!) Britt's craftiness does not stop there, she can do glass mosaics and refinish furniture too. She is also talented at finding cute ways to package her products! The most amazing part is that she does all this while being an amazingly patient stay at home mom to two very energetic and cute little girls. I knew I had to share some of the awesomeness with you all, so go check out Britt's blog- Dewey's Bath & Beauty Products.
We made candles that day, and by "we," I mean that I watched and stirred some wax, all while sniffing copious amounts of scented oils! There were so many that were great, and so many that were weird, but smelled good when you mixed them with other things. I learned about notes... top, middle, and base. These are the way the fragrances work together and how you smell them! Here are the cute Mason jars that we used for the candles. We packaged them by stamping letters on circles of chalkboard contact paper and then sticking that on the lids. Later they will get a charm tied on with jute string.
Next topic, lip gloss/balm. These have a nice consistency, smell great, taste pretty good, and moisturize your lips. I have one sitting on my kitchen counter that I have been loving to use while I'm downstairs. I love how Britt saves bottle caps  to fill and uses them around her own home and for testers. Perfect way to reuse, yes?!
Last, but not least, there was soap. Oh, I can't even tell you how gorgeous this soap is. Like...
I washed forty-two(ish) times with it during one shower!
I'm partial to the lemongrass so far, but it's the only one I've used. My husband even approves, and that is saying something if we are talking "scents."
Look how lovely! See the lemongrass pressed into the bottom of the bar?!
Chunks of rose, so nice!
I need to try this one, I'm thinking I love it already!
This is a good exfoliating "man soap," but I love exfoliation, so this one is definitely on my list too!
We used a Crock Pot, a blender stick, and a cool wooden mold lined with wax paper to make a new batch of soap.
Isn't this cool!? Contact Brit via her blog info if you want to know more! She is very friendly and makes awesome products! So, after my fun day with her, look at the awesomeness that I brought home! Definitely got more out of that day than I put into it, but it was so fun. Thanks again, Britt!

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