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His & Her's

My friend, Ilicia, is getting married this summer. Yay, marriage is the bomb! I wanted to make her something small and personalized so that she would remember me foreva! ;) They are moving to Colorado so her hubby-to-be can play baseball while he is in school. I didn't want to get them something huge, so I'm going to wrap these babies up with a sweet gift card. Let me tell you, as a newlywed trying to move, gift cards are the way to go! Here they are, his and her's pillowcases (that still need to be washed and ironed). I just drew on them with a pencil and embroidered with gray thread. I'm thinking of adding some yellow accents so they'll match the new bedding. Any ideas?!

Little Crochet Details (master bedroom makeover part 1)

Dolly Quilt