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Halloween Costumes and More Signs

Happy Halloween everyone!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Halloween

Today I am going to share my kids Halloween costumes and some signs.

I wanted to do a theme for my kids costumes like I did last year. Since my boys lover Peter Pan I decided to go that route. My mother and aunts have always been quite the accomplished sewers and I had some pretty awesome Halloween costumes growing up! I have decided  carried on the same tradition with my kids and make them each something new every year. I am hoping next year my boys will be old enough to actually put in their own specific requests and I can bring their ideas to life!

 I looked around on Pinterest and got some great ideas for each of their costumes and then just made a few modifications to make them work for the vision I had planned. The boys were very impressed with their little swords and ran around the night of our churches "Trunk or Treat" slashing everything in sight! I assumed the hats would get thrown off pretty quickly but much to my surprise my boys were all about the hats and never took them off! Scarlett's dress took a few different patterns and tries to get right but I was very pleased with the outcome. Especially since I have very little experience sewing clothing. I am a little tempted to make her some church dresses using the same pattern with cotton! My boys are both Peter Pan because I wasn't sure if having different costumes would cause a ruckus.. and I am all about keeping the peace! And Scarlett is Wendy. I thought about doing Tinker Bell but lets be honest Tinker Bell is a Brat!! yes I said it! she totally is she has a bad attitude so I went for Wendy instead!

Signs. I have finally broke down and bought a new font.. its a very popular Calligraphy font that I keep seeing pop up everywhere! This is the first font I have ever purchased since there is such a wide variety of free ones online. There are few free "dupes" but non really even begin to compare to the real deal. So I have spent my morning playing around with it and will have some new designs to share later on.

Here are some of the designs that I took with me to the last market and never had the time to photograph ! I was painting things until the last minuet so I didn't have time to take any decent pictures so I re-created them and they will be listed in our Etsy shop any minuet. Also I have some new color options for you to see for the original "It's a Wonderful Life sign" one is going to a buyer from Etsy and the other I will be auctioning off at an event this weekend. here is the link if you are local and want to come show your support to a family in need.

that is it for today! hope everyone has a very SPOOKY Halloween!


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