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Guest Room and Sewing Desk Makeovers

Good Morning!

I am finally starting to take pictures of everything I have been doing these last two weeks! and today I had so many things to share I had a hard time deciding! But I have decided to show you the progress of the guest bedroom and a furniture makeover that goes along with it. I really can't show one with out the other! The walls are painted in the color CEO by Frazee. I pulled the guest bed out of Scarlett's room and into this room as  a more permanent guest room solution. It is definitely unfinished at the point but it is at a place that I am willing to share! The closet is full of all my sewing and crochet stuff including fabric and yarn. I will share more of that when I do the full room reveal. The plates hanging on the wall are from Target, and the wire thing above the bed is from Hobby Lobby, it was black and I painted it white, it was originally in the bathroom, but since I have completely re-done that room it had to go! I am sure I'll most likely end up changing out the piece above the bed for something with a little bit of color perhaps some vintage prints or botanical art. But for now this works. The bedding is from Home Goods and the pillows shams I made myself. I definitely will be adding some sort of throw and some more pillows to amp up the bed look. I also need to get a bed skirt so ignore the box spring peeking out in the corner!

The desk. My sister-in law pick this up off the side of the road, she had been planning on re-doing it and selling it and I asked if I could buy it from her. It is extra long so I knew it would make a great sewing desk . She cut me a deal I couldn't refuse and the desk was mine for $5.00. She had primed it with a dark gray so it sat in my garage for a few months as I

contemplated what color I wanted to paint it since I knew the gray would peek through. I went with my favorite MMSMP color Grain Sack. Not before fixing some water damage and using quite a bit of wood putty to fill in some broken drawers and such. I distressed it pretty heavily and used the dark wax to really give it an old vintage feel. The knobs are all from Hobby Lobby. I am so pleased with how this peace turned out and I used it last week to sew curtains for pretty much my whole down stairs!!

I am also getting ready to show you pictures of my living area. It has taken a year of living in our house to get the right furniture and the right things hung on the wall but it is finally all coming together!

That is it for today also my back yard is ready to show! my husband planted the last of the tree's last week and I am just waiting for a whole slew of roses to bloom to capture some beautiful pictures.


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