Welcome to my little blog! Here I am in my sewing room, I hope you'll stay a while and see what there is to see.


When Haley ad I were younger, our Grandmother would always have little gnomes around in her house. Not the big stupid ones, but small, polite ones. She had books that describe gnome life and how they married and lived... they were so cute! She still has those things but I'd forgotten about them until I saw a cross-stitch pattern on Craftsy (for free, score)! I stitched it up for her around Christmas time and she seemed to genuinely like the little guy. So here is a picture for you all as I wait at the airport in Chattanooga, Tennessee to go back to Yuma! I've just had a lovely week with my new nephew and parents and siblings. The whether was even nice and I had so much fun!

The crib skirt!

Quilting As Art (pt. 2)