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Finished Baby Afghan and Some Antique Store Treausures

Hello there! Welcome to Thursday my friends! I always feel so awkward starting my greeting for each blog post.. I mean I don't even know who is really reading this! and it seems so weird to be saying hello to an open void... but I like to pretend that I have friends and that some of them even read this silly little blog and that perhaps you even enjoy it! So ignore my awkwardness and I hope when you read my greetings you know that I truly mean it!!

This week I planned to sew my heart out! But I never even plugged the dang thing in!! Instead I went crazy and decided I needed a sign for every nook and cranny of my house! I am always so inspired by all the amazing signs other bloggers create! I think the right sign can totally change a space and add that special touch to a room! Don't you think?? So I made up a few designs of my own and copied one from an Etsy Shop I will go ahead and confess which one. BetweenYouAndMeSigns. Go ahead and look at all their AMAZING signs. And please try not to drool, I know its hard. Amazing right?!! Ok so I don't have $125 dollars to shell out on a sign so I decided to use this shop as the inspiration for one of my signs. So when I say I designed some signs this week, what I really mean is I stole an idea and I am not even going to lie about it!! OK glad I got that off my chest! I am not going to tell you which sign I choose, I will just let you guess, until I can get it hung up and photographed you will just have to wait! I did however get it all finished up and I have a couple more signs ready to go! Thanks again to my amazing Sister in law for taking all of my orders and helping me fulfill my desire to create signs.. LOTS of them!

Today I am however going to show you some lovely blue jars that I found while visiting Rachel. Rachel was ever so kind to take me to her local antique store while I was there I found these amazing jars! and at a great price! I also got a few more white ceramic plates to feed the monster inside me who cannot have enough white ceramic junk. and I got some weird but pretty cool wood lace hangy things.. I don't even know what to call them. I also have no idea what to do with them or where they will end up. But they were cool and I took them home.

I also have some pictures of the baby afghan! In all its chunky crochet beauty!! I just love this little guy and I cant wait to make some more!


Mountain Farm Dairy

Commisioned Quilts