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Finally- Pinwheel Finished!

This quilt has been and ongoing project for a while! I posted about it way back at the beginning of this year here. It is finally finished because I got around to quilting and binding it. I tend to put that off as long as possible. The actual quilting, that is. I'd much rather piece a new top and let someone else quilt it. That's kind of the point though, isn't it? I like to hand quilt, it's just that I feel like I'm not getting anything accomplished when I sit for long periods of time and when there are so many things that I want to make! I like to start and finish a project in a short period of time, so when things start to drag out, I hate them!
So, since you can read that other post about the quilt, here it is, freshly quilted and bound! I've been stockpiling quilt projects, and now they are all getting finished at the same time! If you'd like to see the Etsy listing, it's HERE!





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