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Family Heirloom Sheet Quilt

I always think that I've found my favorite, but when I made this Family Heirloom Sheet Quilt for Kim, I was so sad to send it away to her! I seriously want it, and it's the perfect size for my bed.


I think Kim may be one of my best customers, she will soon have purchased six quilts from me. SIX! That's a lot! I'm so grateful for people who like my stuff enough to be a return customer. Here is the latest one. I know you are all impressed with my duct tape skills as well. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!


Kim collected vintage sheets from family members, and was able to send me enough to make a quilt for her and one as a gift for another family member. I love it when people use sentimental things in quilts, it makes them so much more special!

My awesome quilter, Tricia, picked a vintage rose pattern for the quilting- I love it! I'm always impressed at how much better quilting makes a bunch of fabric look!

As always, I stitched my little trademark cow label on the back, it just makes me feel a little more professional!

This quilt and it's twin sister have since been mailed and the Post Office has LOST the second one. This makes two huge quilts that they have lost. This one can't be replaced though, because of the sentimental value of the sheets in it. We are crossing our fingers for a Christmas miracle at the "dead mail" center in Atlanta, GA though, so this quilt can make it home!

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