Welcome to my little blog! Here I am in my sewing room, I hope you'll stay a while and see what there is to see.

Ethan's quilt

One of my little brothers graduated from high school last May and I thought since he was moving out and all, it would be nice to make him a quilt for his new place! His favorite color is blue, and so off I went to shop for blue fabric! I already knew I wanted to use a zig zag, or chevron, design. I sewed this using a tutorial by Crazy Mom Quilts, and really love how simple it is! You sew strips, cut them in the appropriate sizes, lay them out, and sew them up! Of course it's more time consuming than that, but as a quilty lady, I enjoy my hours spent sewing. When I was sick of making the chevrons, I trimmed it and it was definitely too small! That's how I roll, measuring stuff after the fact and finding out what I should do next! That's sometimes hard, sometimes it makes cooler quilts though because I have to make something up to fix it- Improv! Okay so I thought that thick white borders would look good but that the corners would need something special! I found a paper pieced star that I really love and made four. These suckers take longer than you think! Anyway, I really like how it turned out. I hand quilted the chevron part and then machined the borders. It's not perfect, but I always learn from projects!oh, and I embroidered his name and graduation year just for good measure! It was fun to get to surprise him with it and even more fun to find him snuggled up asleep in it like a weirdo. I'm giving a picture so you can see how big he is... That quilt is bigger than it looks, he is just all wrapped up!

Master Bedroom Picture Wall

New Quilt and New Camera