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Easy Shoo Fly Quilt Tutorial

Easy Shoo Fly Quilt Tutorial


I've been wanting to post an easy shoo fly quilt tutorial for a while now, and since the "farmhouse style" phase is hitting hard right now, what better time? This simple quilt can be made in any color combo, or just as simple as I have made it here. We will be making five 20" churn dash blocks, and putting them together with four solid squares tomake a pattern. I have added a strip of fabric to the top and bottom of this quilt in order to make it twin sized. You can leave those strips off if you'd just like a 60-ish inch square throw for your sofa! I'll refer to the fabrics as "white/background" or tan/churn dash" for the purposes of this tutorial, but use any combo of fabrics to make this quilt as versatile as you wish! I'm thinking I'd like to have this quilt in a light blue as well!

Fabric Requirements:

White- 2.5 yards for a throw, additional 1.5 yards for twin quilt

Tan- 1 yard

Binding- 5/8 yard

Batting- twin sized

Backing- 90" or 108" wideback,  2 yards


Starting with the white/background fabric, cut four 7 1/4" strips, and subcut them into 20 squares measuring 7 1/4".

Next, with the same fabric, cut two 8" strips and subcut those into 10 squares measuring 8".

Cut two 20.5" strips, and subcut into 4 squares measuring 20.5".

With the remaining white fabric, cut three 13" strips and trim so that the ends are even.

Using the tan/churn dash fabric, cut one 7 1/4 inch strip and subcut into 5 squares measuring 7 1/4".

Then, with that same tan fabric, cut two 8" strips and subcut into 10 squares measuring 8".

Binding- Cut eight 2.5 inch strips, and follow a binding tutorial of your choice if you need help with that part!


On the ten white 8" squares, make a diagonal line from a top corner, to the bottom, opposite corner using a frixion pen, or a light pencil mark. See photo for clarification.

Pair each of these marked squares with a tan 8" square and line them up so that the white, marked square is on top.


Keeping each of these square pairs together, sew 1/4 inch away from the line on each side. Repeat for each of the 10 pairs. After this is finished, cut each pair in half by cutting on the marked line.


After the units are separated, iron each of the 20 Half Square Triangles open, by pressing the seam towards the tan fabric.


Now that you have nice, flat squares, they need to be trimmed to 7 1/4 inches square. Using a ruler like I have here, or just the markings on your cutting mat, make sure each square is trimmed and even. This type of ruler makes it really easy! Just line up the diagonal lines and trim!

Putting it all together:

Line up your blocks as pictured. Sew together in rows, then press the seams towards the tan. This will create seams that lock together when you sew each row together. After sewing the rows together, press those as you wish. Repeat for each of the five shoo fly blocks.

Next, lay out your quilt as pictured, using the large white blocks cut earlier. Sew the blocks in each row together, press, then sew each of those rows together. Press those seams as well. (Can you tell that ironing is an important part of quilting?).

Now, If you want, you can be finished with the top. I wanted mine to be bigger than a throw, so I added 13" strips to both the top and bottom. Sew your three 13" strips together to form one long strip. Fold it in half and smooth it across the quilt top. Trim each side you that you now have two strips that are as long as your quilt it wide.

Pin those strips (right sides together) to both ends, top and bottom. Sew those on and iron the seams towards the new strips. Now you have a twin sized quilt top!


That's it! Now baste, quilt, and  bind as you wish! Thanks for sticking with me for my easy shoo fly quilt tutorial!

This is my first tutorial, so please let me know of any errors, and let me see photos if you make one!

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