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Disney and Fabric too!

These past few days have been so fun! My little break from sewing was good but now I'm itching to be back at it. On Sunday after church, Linwood and I left Yuma and headed off to San Clemente where we spent the night walking around the town a little, then at our hotel eating pizza (probably my favorite food). We actually turned on the TV and watched some Ninja Warrior too! We don't have tv channels at home and we plan on keeping it that way, but it was fun to watch that for a while and just veg out! Monday morning, Linwood got me up at the crack of dawn to get ready to go to Disneyland! It takes me quite a while to shower, dry hair, and do makeup- but that's beside the point! We left, drove to Disney and waited in some lines, got tickets, rode the Toy Story bus, and we were finally there! My first time there...ever! I'm 25, crazy right?! So I didn't know what to do first, but I knew I wanted to ride the Pirates of the Caribbean so we went and did that and ate at the Blue Bayou for fun (AND because when I'm away from home I'm constantly hungry it seems). I'd even eaten breakfast because Lin braved a crazy lady at the hotel to get me a chocolate muffin and some juice! After that we looked in some shops, rode the Pinocchio ride and the Peter Pan ride, and went through the Haunted Mansion. We watched a little rendition of Beauty and the Beast at the Fantasy Faire too and it was so cute! I saw Bell, Rapunzel, Snow White, Cruella DeVil, the Mad Hatter, and Alice. Lets see... I also saw WAY more icky legs than I wanted to! Girls seem to be wearing only denim underwear in place if shorts these days, and I'm definitely not a fan ;) Later we looked in more shops, had a Dole whip (delicious), bought some books and nail polish, and finally bought some chocolate shaped like Mickey Mouse. Now I'm a real American, yes?! By this point I was SOOO tired! I wasn't even dragging around a kid or anything! On our way out, we ate a really good roast beef sandwich and then went to our hotel to crash! I watched a little Food Network before falling asleep, what can I say? Tuesday when we got up, Linwood went and walked on the beach and out on San Clemente pier while I got ready. We felt yucky from the heavy food yesterday so we had bananas and healthy junk for breakfast before making the BEST part of the journey! We went around to quilt shops all the way back to San Diego, which was great! I found some really cool places that I'd love to go back and visit again. The last one was my favorite, not because of the fabric but just because it was extremely snug and cute. They are where I bought the "30's" fabrics and this is the link to Fat Quarter's Quilt Shop. The next on my favorite list was the Orange Quilt Bee, which was also pretty darn cute and had a fun class going on too! The most selection was at a discount store called M & L Fabric, where there was sooo much stuff that I had a hard time knowing what to look at first. I bought more of the 30's prints there, and the PIRATES, and aqua chevron. I also got some cute trim for really cheap too! Lot's of cute, great, and name brand fabric there. Ahh, the perks of being in Cali!We finished up the trip by making our traditional Godiva stop before heading back home. Okay, so let me finish by saying that I have the most amazing and patient husband in all the land. Kudos for Disney and fabric too!

My first view of the park included Snow White.

This is the Dole whip that I'm sheepishly eating.. Why do I look so sheepish?! I stood in line for like an hour to get that thing!

The Orange Quilt Bee

M&L Fabrics

Fat Quarters Quilt Shop

Some of my treasures! Aneela Hoey and Riley Blake and Moda...!!! I am working on something with some Aneela Hoey Posey and I am loving all of her fabric!!

Rocking Chair Refinish

Spring Fling Pillow