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Dimensions Quilts for Boys

Dimensions Quilts for Boys

Bonnie Quilts011.jpg

After lots of back and forth, Bonnie and I decided to use the Dimensions quilt pattern by Amy Ellis for these two quilts. Bonnie and I are cousins and she is an amazing mom to six children! We were pregnant with our twins at the same time, which was pretty cool!

Bonnie Quilts001.jpg
Bonnie Quilts002.jpg

Bonnie wanted clean lines and geometry for the boys new space, along with plenty of black and white. The colors in the quilts distinguish one from the other, and the star color on the front is the same as the backing. Hopefully the boys will lovethese as much as I did when I finished them.

Bonnie Quilts009.jpg
Bonnie Quilts012.jpg

Most of the fabrics are from the Cotton and Steel lines of Black and White. While I loved the final look, the actual pattern was a little difficult because of some sizing issues that (I feel) need to be fixed. However, it all ended well and here we are!

Bonnie Quilts005.jpg
Bonnie Quilts007.jpg

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