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Chippy Barn Hutch

So I had a lovely post all written before my internet decided to crap out on me.. as it does pretty much every hour or so. Nice.. especially since I can see building of which my service comes from my back yard.. not saying any names. BUT seriously?!! NOT COOL!

Oh well onward and upward! I have about 20 furniture projects I am itching to work on but I have a couple of projects that have deadlines and must be finished ASAP! this has been motivating and a little daunting as I have been working on some old antique pieces that need quite a bit of work! I have however, made quite a bit of progress and should have them done soon! Upcoming I have a hutch to be painted red, a three piece antique set all of which is getting stripped of its current yellow paint and stained a lovely rich brown, a dresser that has been laughing at me for weeks as I decided how to "finish" it, and a armoire for Rachel that I will be painting a color I have been dying to try!!! These are just the pieces for others, and don't included that stash I have waiting to be painted and placed in my own home! So stay tuned for what is to come! I will have plenty of projects to keep me busy all summer long!

But today is all about this amazing hutch! My sister-in-law is the Crafty Queen! Yes, this is true! she recently found this amazing hutch on craigslist for under 100 and allowed me to work my milk paint magic on its exterior. This hutch was rather sassy and at first rejected the milk paint more than I was hoping. So much in fact that the top which I painted first, was nearly naked by the time it had stopped chipping away. I decided to re-group and sanded the entire thing and then went back with the milk paint. This ended up working out perfectly and I can honestly say this is my favorite piece to date! I think it looks like it has just been plucked out of an old rusty barn home. She is now sitting in my sister-in-laws adorable craft room and is home to all sorts of lovely craft goodies! Sorry for the picture over load but she was just to adorable not to share all of her chippy goodness!

This hutch was sanded, then painted in Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint in the color Grainsack, and finished off by being sealed in MMS clear wax.

-until next time!

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