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Catching up and Some New Roses

Well I'm back! Its been a tough couple of weeks but I feel the chaos dying down and I am ready to just get back to normal. My son Tristan had is surgery last Wednesday, as I previously mentioned he would. Everything went well and it wasn't long until he was back to his old ways running around like the two year he is.

It is amazing the small tender mercy's that the lord gives you when you are in need of comfort. My roses have not been in bloom for several weeks. but I walked out into my yard the morning after my Granny passed to some of the most incredible blooms I have ever seen. They have continued to bloom since that day providing the little pick me up I have needed. So I'm just going to keep it light and share a few of the roses that I have photographed so far. There are more still blooming and I will share those as I wait for the right moment to photograph them. My favorite bush called the Elle had about 10 blooms with large full cups and I have been so out of touch that I didn't even get a single picture before the petals began to drop. There is always next time though. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day and I will be back later this week.


and lastly a little picture of my helpers:)

Kitchen Table and Chairs Reveal

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