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Busy Activities for Toddlers

Are you ever in a situation where you need some busy activities for toddlers? Maybe on a plane, or at church, or in a doctors office? I've had a bit of experience with this, as my twin girls are now nearly three (how did that happen?)! Emerson and Elliot are great girls, but they are still toddlers! Toddlers are so busy and it's so hard for them to be still or quiet in some situations. We go to church every Sunday, and it's always fun to hear your kid announce loudly to the congregation that she wants to go home, or needs to PEEPEE!!! So.. how have we managed to keep our girls reasonably quiet and busy during church and on plane trips to Tennessee? Or even on the hour+ drives we take to see family or go to doctor appointments.

Today I'm going to share a few of our favorite tricks! (Some links will be affiliate links, which means that I may get a small commission if you purchase an item. This in no way biases my recommendation- I love and use all of these products and have discovered them with trial and error!)

1. Munchie Mug

This snack cup is by FAR the best one we have used! It has a unique stretchy cover that doesn't let snacks out, but lets your toddler's hand in to grab cereal, crackers, or whatever you put in! It is durable and I always stick these in the dishwasher when they get grubby, and they come out as good as new.

2. Sitcker Books-

Sticker books were introduced to my by my sister-in-law, Cassie. She got my girls some Usborne ones as part of a gift, and we were hooked. The girls were so intent on peeling stickers off and putting them on pages, that they didn't make a peep! We have also had Frozen ones, ballet, big trucks, Fancy Nancy and I have a couple stashed for our upcoming plane ride. These actually last longer than I think they will, and some have educational benefits, like matching, making patterns, and color & shape recognition.

3. Quiet Book-

I have two quiet books, one Book of Mormon and one LDS quiet book. They are made by this company, and I thought the Bible one would be more universal. These are great and they stay in my backpack for anytime we need to keep the girls busy for a bit, usually in church. There are skills like tying a lace, braiding hair, opening/closing a latch, buttons, zippers, etc.

4. Kindle Fire-

Oh, technology... I have such a love/hate relationship with children using technology. It keeps them quieter and busier than anything else, but then they are glued to a screen. I wanted them to understand how to use computers/tablets, and there are definitely many amazing educational apps, so we broke down and bought these colored Kindle Fires for $50 each. My girls LOVE them. I have a 45 minute time limit each day, and there are ONLY apps that will help them learn letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and new words. They don't play mindless games or watch movies- with the movies being saved for a plane ride. They know that then their time is over for the day, they go put them away. I love the parental controls, and there is zero fighting about time limits or activities.

5. Kindle Cover-

This is just an accessory that makes my life easier. The girls love the handle and you can pick the color that matches your kindle! We have a pink and a blue. Totally worth protecting your kindle from children who aren't as careful as you may wish. Ahem.

 My girls during one of their Kindle sessions.

My girls during one of their Kindle sessions.

Again, another accessory, but seriously, have you ever tried to keep headphones on a toddler? These are great because they can move around and they don't slide, flop, or fall off- AND you don't have to listen to whatever annoying crap they are playing over & over 500 times. (Did I just say that out loud? #momtruth)

7. Water Wow-


These are super because your child thinks they are painting! My girls love to paint, and these are so handy. I just fill the brush with water before I leave and it's ready to go. These can be educational, but they are mostly just for fun. There is a thin layer of white over a colored image, and when they get it wet, the white becomes transparent, so it looks like they are painting a pretty picture.

8. Old fashioned Crayons & coloring book-

My girls had a huge Minion phase. They still like them. Whatever you're into- there is probably a coloring book for it! The larger sized crayons are good for small hands, and they are easier to find when they get dropped 42 times (hypothetically of course). My girls each have a small zipper pencil pouch that they can have their colors in.

Well, this sums it up! I know it's different that what I usually post, but I was thinking about all the trial and error I've had trying to find good things to keep my girls entertained- and these were what came to mind. Do you have any tricks up your sleeve? Comment below and let me know!

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