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Breakfast Smoothie

In my 26 years, I have learned that the only way I can usually get down anything for breakfast is to drink it. I hate mornings. More than I hate nails on a chalkboard and Jim Carrey combined. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration, but I really don't enjoy them. I never really want food and if my husband has made something before work like spinach and eggs (barf), then I can smell it and have an even harder time eating! Poor guy, he just wants to eat healthy, so he turns the Scentsy on for when I get up. I've felt this way about breakfast since I was a little girl because I remember that it was time for the TCAP testing at school and mother trying to force me to eat. I'm always better a couple hours after I get up, and then can eat pancakes or cold pizza, whatever happens to be closer. So my solution to this unhealthy pattern is to just drink my meal and shut up. I love smoothies and chocolate milk, and there is a good protein powder that I can get at Fry's (or check it out on Amazon). The carnation instant breakfast in the blue box (sugar free) is way good too. So here is a little breakfast smoothie for you all to try.

Get a banana, frozen berries, yogurt or kefir, milled flax seeds, and oats. I do the whole banana, about a palm sized hunk of berries, half a cup or the kefir, two tablespoons of flax, and a handful of oats. Now you can see that this will be too thick, so this is where you can add what you like for liquid. My husband does water for less calories, I do juice! If you happen to have some spinach in hand, throw in a handful too. You can't taste it at all and you'll get a healthy serving of greens. Blend and add more liquid if you need. Enjoy! I love thick ones, but I know some people don't, so make it your own!

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