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Blessing Dresses

IMG_8527-Edit Before I ever got pregnant, I knew that when I did, we would have our children blessed at church when the time came. I told my mother that I would want her to make the dresses because she is amazing and can make awesome clothing. Growing up she had to sew a lot of her own clothes if she wanted new things (it used to be cheaper, but have you seen the price of fabric these days?!) to wear to school or wherever. When I was little, she took a French heirloom sewing class and made my sister and I gorgeous white dresses for Easter with pleats and lace and all sorts of crazy hard sewing. Mine was trimmed in yellow, Martha's in blue. When I found out that I was having twin girls, I though, "Oh gosh, she is going to have to make two dresses!" Luckily, my mom was up to the task and I already have the dresses hanging in the girls rooms.





I wish you all could see these dresses in person, even good pictures don't do them justice! They were shipped to me in a white garment box with white snugly blankets with the girls names embroidered on them, and white socks with French lace.


So basically, my mother is amazing. She is also going to come here to Arizona from Tennessee after the girls are born to help out. I see lots of tiny diaper changes in her near future to repay her for making these gorgeous dresses!


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WIP Elliot and Emerson's Quilt Blocks

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