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Back Yard Update

Good Afternoon!

I'm here today with some pictures of my yard.  These are the before pictures and some pictures of the work that was done last week. The plans for our back yard include extending our patio concrete, adding a sidewalk from the back gate to the front car port, a raised garden bed along the west wall, 4 half circle planters along the back fence, one planter around the porch pillar, a flowerbed in front of the kitchen window, artificial turf and some open space for our dogs along the east side yard that will also contain some fruit trees.

I am late posting today because we went with the landscapers to pick out the artificial grass, and the castle block pavers that will be our raised garden beds and the planters. The four planters along the back wall will be rose bushes and the planter by the pillar will contain a vining plant that will hopefully spread and cover our entire porch someday.

So far the landscapers have grated off and leveled the ground to prep it for the concrete, and have placed and leveled out all the forms for the concrete. They delivered the material that will level out the ground underneath the turf and in just and hour or so they are bringing over the artificial turf. If the weather allows, the concrete will be poured first thing tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed we don't get rained out! Once that is done as you can tell our yard is pretty dinky, it will take a couple more days and maybe part of next week before the entire job is complete! I will post more pictures as things progress.

This weekend I spent sewing and hanging out with Rachel. My kids have been sick so I haven't had  any time to sneak away into my garage and paint furniture but I did get some sewing done and am working on my third "weekender bag" pattern from Amy Butler. I just need to pick up some zippers this week and finish them up and I will hopefully be able to share them with you next week. I hope everyone is doing well! I'll be back later this week with my latest furniture makeover Caroline!


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