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Back Yard Reveal and Other Updates

Sorry for the lack of blogging these last few weeks. I have had a hard time getting back into my blogging groove and have just been soaking up my time with my three little beasts and husband. This time of year I always seem to put a lot of pressure on myself to go above and beyond and make all sorts of ridiculous homemade Christmas gifts. I have started tackling many of those projects over the last few weeks but just couldn't bring my self take any pictures or share it on the blog. I am however furiously crocheting and sewing all kinds of goodies and am hoping to make amends with my anti blogging attitude and share it all with you! I kind of get a little ba-hum-bugish around this time and have not been feeling the Christmas/Holliday cheer these last few years.. since when did Christmas stop being fun and become so stressful?!! I am hoping to tackle my list of homemade gifts and have them done before December. Hopefully I am not way in over my head and that when the 1st of December comes I will be clicking my heels and back to that "Happy" Christmas Feeling! I also have been working on signs! I mentioned on our Facebook page that I will be participating in a market this Thursday. I will be bringing with me a whole slew of new signs and some smaller ones that are more affordable. Christmas Gifts anyone?? Be sure to stop by if you are local! here are the Details!

My kids were also very helpful today and decided to help me paint.. that ended in two ruined outfits painted tiffany blue, a blue floor, oven and kitchen cabinets.. OH the joys of parenting!!! I will be sharing them with you over the course of the next few days!

Happy to be back and hopefully I can at least share something each week over the holidays!


Now with out further ado here are my back yard reveal pictures!! Sorry it took so DANG long to share these with you! Here are the before pictures for any one who wants to see the pile of dirt that it was before! We finally hung our porch swing last week which was the final touch needed before I was willing to make it all photo ready! Enjoy! We were very happy with our landscapers if you are local and need some work done here is their Facebook Page! Flores Modern Designs



The Magnolia MMMP Dresser

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