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Another Works-in-Progress Day

Well, I feel like I've just been slapped in the face with a big dose of Monday! Hope that you all are definitely not feeling that way. This morning I just walked around my house and snapped a few quick pictures of works-in-progress that I have going on! Don't misunderstand, this is definitely not all of them, but I'm trying to whittle down the projects so I only have a couple going on at a time. (Roll your eyes, I know you want to!) There are just so many things that I want to be able to do and make, that I get distracted. Here, have a laugh at some of the things laying around my house.

This is one of the superhero quilts that I'm making for my nephews, Brycen and Cooper. When we went to SeaWorld with them we had so much fun and I wanted to make them a little something. The LOVE all things superhero, so I grabbed some fabric and whipped up the tops pretty quickly. Then I got the bright idea to embroider the names of each superhero in the quilt borders. Needless to say, that took some time. They are both finished now though, this one is just waiting to be bound. I quilted it last night and need to quilt the second one today. Sorry for the sneaky picture, I want them to be surprised when they see them, so no details!

This is my stash of Once Upon a Time fabric by Alexander Henry. And my stash of fabric to make a cute quilt pattern that I actually bought one time. And then my stash of black & white fabrics for the background of the applique quilt that I designed and really want to make... sometime. Here is the Once Upon a Time fabric, I am in love with it!
Okay, next up we have Briar Rose by Heather Ross.
I haven't hoarded enough of this to make anything yet, but last night while I was staying up too late, I used my graph paper and made the quilt that I want to make with this when I have enough. This is a really crummy set of pictures, so I apologize!
This is the little stack of 40's reproduction fabrics that I'm also hoarding. I have a plan in mind for these too, just don't have enough colors yet!
Imagine this, another stack of fabrics! The top with all the polka dots is for a Happy Birthday tablecloth I want to make sometime, but I'm just not sure what size table I need to make it for because we are debating selling our table and using a different one that will be where we move. Decisions, decisions. The bottom fabric in this bag is being used, it is the grey and aqua that I'm using for my Lucky Stars block of the month club!
The top is my postage stamp quilts progress and the bottom is a vintage quilt top from my husband's side of the family. I'm contemplating finishing it and giving it to one of his family members for Christmas this year. We'll see if it really happens!
I've posted sneak peeks of this one before, I love love love it! This is my cousin Latha's graduation present. I'm hand quilting it, and it's really big, so it's taking a while, but it is definitely progressing. I keep it by the couch, so when I watch a movie I'm being productive at the same time!
This is a hideous picture, but these are the fabrics I'm contemplating for an Amy Butler Weekender Bag, I have everything else cut out, I just can't make up my mind about the way I want to patchwork it.
Even under my cutting table there is a little quilt that is needing to be pieced. When I ordered the fabric for Mandy's nautical quilts, I bought extra because I thought it was all so cute. Now I have some of it here and not really sure when I'll get to putting it together!
That's a good way to start a Monday, no? With lots of good projects and a whole house to sort through and pack up. I like it! Anyway, I would be showing you some finished projects today, but I have to wait till the baby shower on Saturday is over before I can post them online. So, next week, I should have some good stuff to show you all! Ta ta for now!

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