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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

So, I can finally say that I'm the owner if some much-coveted Annie Sloan chalk paint! This past weekend, the handsome and I went to the Mesa/Phoenix area and I was able to get some at Wood Creations Furniture, and then drop by My Big Fat Greek Restaurant & Krispy Kreme. I mean, how could that day have been any better?! So, now I have the goods, what do you think I'm going to paint?! Well, I have just the thing! I worked at Kneaders for over a year and one of the owners let us use the garage when we assemble the 4.53 billion Christmas baskets. I kept noticing a pretty desk kinda hidden under a sheet. Eventually I asked her about it and she was desperately wanting rid of it. How perfect was that? I had my lovely husband come back with me and we hauled it to my back porch where it has been since approximately February 16th. I really hate the white trash style of random furniture on my porch but hey, I AM from Tennessee, so I guess...? No? Okay, I was just waiting and waiting to get paint! I didn't realize how hard it would be, but I refuse to pay for crazy shipping and decided to wait till I was in a place that actually sold it. On my birthday I tried to get some in San Diego, but the shop was closed- so bummed! Anyway, my patience and resolution to pay no shipping finally worked out. The only thing is, if you use this paint, be warned- these two things, the quart of paint and the can of wax, cost a whopping seventy bucks. Oh yes, I hope it's worth it! I've told myself that since the desk was free, it was like I was just paying $70 for a desk, right?! It's all about perspective ;) Now I have a desk and a lovely bucket of paint in Old White and a can of wax (dark). That'll be my new project and should be in progress soon! I will need to use wood filler for drawer pulls, drill new holes, and find new hardware. I'm really wanting the antique glass knobs. This is going to be my new sewing desk and I want it to be just exactly what I like, so I'm just kinda taking it as it comes. Sewing on a hexagon shaped table (for three years) is no bueno. So I used the liquid deglosser on a tester piece and then painted that, to kind of feel the consistency of the paint. So far, I like how it works!

I had to add this one in somewhere!

A Turtle Quilt

AWESOME Chocolate chip cookies!