Welcome to my little blog! Here I am in my sewing room, I hope you'll stay a while and see what there is to see.

A Surprise for Me + Baby Quilt Sneak Peaks

This week I am determined to do these two little baby quilts and get them up and online. These are a couple of shots of the works in progress that are hanging around my sewing area. I love to use half square triangles and then watch a movie while I iron them! I finally had to break down and get a new ironing board cover, mine was so old and toasted that it was nearly useless. So this new silver one is lovely and fluffy in comparison and my iron and I can be friends again. I thought I had killed my 3rd iron last week, but it only turned out that I was plugging in some paper lanterns and NOT the iron. Don't judge me, they both had white cords :) Linwood and I spent the weekend in Tucson and I got to see my lovely neices and nephews as well as in-laws and Haley! She gave me the most amazing birthday present! When we bought the Quilting: From the Little Things by Sarah Feilke, we both loved the cover quilt. I started making a quilt for Haley (still not finished) and she made a quilt for me! I didn't have any idea whatsoever that this gorgeous quilt would one day be mine, and it means that much more because she made it! I was even with her when she picked out the fabric and we dubbed it the "nightmare quilt" because the instructions weren't perfect and there were so many tiny pieces that it has taken a long time to do. I'll share better pictures later, but this is just a little snapshot of it (held up by my helpful husband). Isn't it GORGEOUS?! Yes, yes it is! She is coming to visit this week with Scarlett, her cutie baby. Stoked am I? Definitely.
On another note, I dropped my iPhone and busted the screen! Curses! I use my phone for EVERYTHING. I probably depend too much on it, but it is my calander, my reminders and notes, I blog from it some, I use Etsy and Pinterest and Facebook with it too. Not to mention using it as a phone and a text machine! Anyway, to say that I feel crummy about it is an understatement as I still have a whole year left on my contract. I'm going to have to go to Verizon and check out what the dealio is with getting a screen fixed. With that, here are some pictures and some hope of a productive week!

Tuscon botanical garden, the butterfly exhibit was the bomb!

Aneela Hoey fabric and HST units

Pirate fabric and the makings of the front on my new ironing board cover!

Disaster strikes!

The Nightmare Quilt

Some Embroidery