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A New Lucky Stars Block

Early this year I signed up for a block of the month thingy.  It is the Lucky Stars paper piecing one by Don't Call Me Betsy.

I signed up for this because I love stars in quilts and it looked pretty simple. It is easy to do, but I had so much (project wise) going on that I kept not making my block of the month. So I created a folder and stuck all my PDFs in there for later. Now I'm trying to work my way through that folder, and I'm only finishing February's block... in August. Oh well, better late than never! As this quilt will be for my bed, there really isn't a deadline either. After so much sewing, I was feeling a little burnt out and haven't used my machine much since being back from Tennessee. A couple days ago I did pull it out to make a couple things for a baby shower though. I will post those after the baby shower actually happens! So here is my February block.

The color isn't showing up well, but I'm using aqua and gray for this quilt.
And here it is with the January block.
On another note, this last weekend, Linwood and I went to a Yankee's game. That has been his favorite team since he was a little boy, so how could I resist that (he had never been to one of their games before). I am not a baseball fan, but we had a good time and I got to sit by a kid that wasn't tiny and not annoying. Both good qualities when you sit by someone for 3 hours.
The Yankees won, so Happy Birthday Linwood!
Last, I've finally started the moving process. It's such a big thing that I don't really know how to start. I work in one room, only to find myself in another room doing something not related. How does that happen?! Anyway, this is going to be such a pain. A hot move in Yuma's August is not something that I ever wanted to repeat. However, I'm thankful that we have the opportunity!
Hope you all have a lovely Thursday :)

Another Works-in-Progress Day

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