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A DIY Christmas

A DIY Christmas


Are you ready for a DIY Christmas?! I am. I feel like year after year, we stress about what to buy. Always, what should I get so-and-so and the stress that comes with it. Sometimes I have a brilliant idea, most of the time I don't, but we still feel that obligation to show someone that we care. First world problems, amiright?

I try to asses how I feel about something before I purchase it or make it. Is it useful? Will it last a while, or is it something that the recipient will have to find a place for? I despise having to find places for things, and I'm sure most people feel that way! I love useful gifts, and sometimes that's a tall order! The truth is, many of us don't really need anything. We are blessed to live in comfortable homes with decent jobs, food, and probably lots of things we want. My husband was asking me what wanted for Christmas, and I didn't know. Really, I had to dig deep. (In case you are curious, I want a gravity blanket and a unicorn mug.)

Here is a list of some things that I'll be doing that are maybe a little more personal, a little more work, maybe more useable, and things that support smaller business people. I'll insert all links, some will be affiliate links (I may earn a small commission from the company if you purchase through on of my links.) I love handmade. That's no secret, that's what I do! That will get me started with number one.


1. Handmade quilt/throw. I have given these time after time. I have such a big family that I haven't run out of people yet! A quilt is something that I can customize the color, size, and design for the person/people that are getting it! Maybe quilts mean more to me because my grandmother made them for us and they were all unique and special, but I personally would LOVE a quilt! It is practical and useful, and depending on how its made, it can be a great part of the décor in a home or bedroom. I'm obviously going to link you to my shop, but there are MANY amazing quilters out there who could work with you to create your perfect idea of a quilt. If you can sew, pick your favorite pattern and go for it!


2. Bath bombs. This one may make you roll your eyes, but this year, my three year olds have fallen in love with bath bombs. I feel like I'm wasting money... but they love them... So, I'm definitely going to be making some of these for a gift. Seriously, they are going to be ecstatic when they realize what they are getting. Here is a DIY bath bomb recipe from Michael over at Inspired By Charm

Things I'd buy: Gift container, citric acid, baking soda, essential oils.


3. Movie Night Kit. My sister-in-law did this for us before, and it was great! Honestly, when my husband and I actually get a moment to ourselves, we just want to chill out at home and watch a movie when the girls are in bed. This little kit is a perfect gift because it is so useable and fun. You can find all kinds of ideas online, but this one from Christina of the DIY Mommy is so dang cute! You can put in a DVD, a RedBox code, Amazon card, Google card, or anything like that for the movie, and snacks/drinks, whatever that particular person or family likes!

Things I'd buy: Amazon gift card, tin, popcorn, candy.


4. Art Kit. My mom was a big fan of "kits" for us when we were kids. A few that I can think of were and art kit, jewelry/bead kit, rubber stamp kit, candle making and a sewing kit. Each of those had everything i'd need to get started on some cool new hobby, I absolutely loved these growing up. With the sewing kit, there was a simple dress pattern, fabric, thread, scissors, and sewing lessons from my mom. That time spent with her is something I treasure. I was eight years old when I got that, and she had four other kids, then another on the way when she helped me make that first dress. I still remember her teaching me and how patient she was as I tried to sew straight lines and figure out what all of the pattern's symbols meant. Looking back, I don't know how she survived with all of us and taught us all she did. My siblings were 10, 5, 3, and 1 when we did that. I guess my point is, the kit isn't the point. It's the thought, and a new and useful skill. I've added a simple art kit by Jean of The Artful Parent because my kids go through crayons and paper like crazy and could always use more of that crafty stuff!

Things I'd buy: Tote, Stickers, Washable Markers, Crayons, Paint Sticks, Tape, Paper, Pencils, Scissors.


5. Calendar. Okay, hear me out on this one! My brother has had a calendar made for my Granny every year with photos of her family and pictures from around the farm and property of the family members. She really likes it and requests a new one. I know I still use a calendar for a good visual of my month. I save everything in my iPhone too, but something about a paper calendar makes me feel more secure that I won't forget! This handprint version by Lisa at This Crazy Adventures in Parenting is what my kids are making for my in-laws this year. Grandparents love even the ugly art. ;)

Things I'd buy: Blank Calendar, Paint, Brushes


6. Handmade Christmas Candy. Who doesn't like candy? If you raised your hand, then I don't know if we could ever be friends... Just kidding! Sorta. My mom always made lots of candy leading up to Christmas, and we would steal it out of the freezer and think we were oh SO sneaky. Yeah right, mom always knows! This is a collection of Martha Stewart slides that will surely get you in a cooking mood! We always had peanut brittle, fudge, toffee, iced sugar cookies, and chocolate/caramel pecan clusters! Mmmmm.

Things I'd buy: Cute packaging boxes, tins, ribbon, stamp


7. Handmade Heating Pads. I did this on for my father-in-law one year. He has arthritis and I got the idea from my Granny who takes one or two of these little guys with her to bed each night to soothe her arthritic shoulder. I think I would like one for my cold feet, but isn't that what husbands are for? No? Oh. Maybe I should just go make myself one of these! These are from Sew4Home.

Things I'd buy: Ticking, rick-rack, rice, essential oil.  


8. Wooden sign. This one, you have to know what the person likes in terms of home décor! I myself like the farmhouse style of things, like scuffed and scraped and sanded. My husband is not such a fan, so we compromise! This is another link to my shop, where you can buy handmade wooden signs, or here is a link to The Mountain View Cottage for a full tutorial on how to make your own! I love supporting small businesses when I can, and even more since I know what it's like to run one!


9. 72-Hour Kit. Know any preppers? Or just someone who lives in an area where there are natural disasters? I feel like everyone should have a 72-hour kit, complete with food, water, money, change of clothes, flashlight, utensils, and personal items that are important. We have seen over and over how people have to wait to be rescued and given the basics when there are disasters. Here is a great post about it by See Mom Click!

Things I'd buy: NonPerishable foods (we rotate ours every 6 months), water, lantern, matches, emergency candles, waterproof bag for phone/money, phone charger/radio/flashlight, first aid kit


10. Kitchen Refresh. My mom did this for my sister, and it is geared more towards young people that have recently left home and are out on their own! That is still one of her favorite gifts! This can include measuring cups and spoons, dish towels and rags, hand soap, pot holders, dish soap, and a brownie mix... all in a cute strainer! Go fun with a certain color scheme! Useful gifts are always the best! Image from Gift Baskets by Lynne.

Things I'd buy:  Measuring cups and spoons, whisk, spatula, dish towels and rags, hand soap, pot holders, dish soap, brownie mix, strainer 

I hope this at least gave you a few ideas of how to have a DIY Christmas! Thanks for reading.






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