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A Chest of Quilts

During my trip to Tennessee, I happened to think that I'd like to look at all the old quilts that my mom has in the cedar chest in her room. I hadn't seen what was in that thing for EONS!
So, I took the quilts all out and dumped them on the front lawn. Seems legit, right?!
Right. So I just wanted to share the pictures with you and a few comments when appropriate. Or not appropriate, whatever!

My Granny made this on for one of my brothers when they were little, I can't remember which on, but I'm thinking Samuel or Ethan. Her stuff is mostly hand quilted and some of them (like this one) have some hand piecing too!

 This quilt was also made by my Granny, it was the one she gave my parents for their wedding I think. Anyway, I remember it in our first home on my parents bed.


 I love the pattern of this one! I know it's only squares, but I think that the layout is just great :) I'm a simple kind of girl.


 This one was made by my great or great, great grandmother, I don't know which. I like this one because of the color scheme and that I'm sure it was all just scraps. There is also a tiny imperfection where she accidentally flipped a row of points and left it there. It makes it all the more special to me!


 This was my great grandfather's dress. For real! It was his christening gown. All the boys wore them then.

 I love the details, especially the pin tucks!

Here is another made by a great or great-great grandmother. This on is so heavy, the muslin used to be much heavier duty than it is now.


It has never been washed, so the pencil markings where she drew the hand quilting lines are still there.


 Pink was always my favorite color so my Granny made this quilt for me. It was so long ago that I don't even remember when she gave it to me. There are spots where the top fabric is completely worn away because I used it for years and years. I can only now appreciate the work that went into this applique quilt.


 Notice the hand quilted hearts! She was an amazing quilter. I say was because she has macular degeneration and can no longer quilt. She has little central vision left, which is useful when trying to see anything that is not in the peripheral area.

I'm so happy that these have been saved and that I got to snap some pictures of them to show you all!

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